“Hot off the Press!”


My grandmother once told me that as you get older, time seems to fly – boy was she right! Remembering our 2015-2016 school year, I can’t help but reflect upon so many wonderful and exciting moments. In the classroom, it’s those “ah ha” moments where students are able to truly understand and articulate their learning. It’s those times when children are so engrossed in what they are doing, that they are not recognizing all of the learning that is happening within and around them. It’s those days when teachers have spent hours planning, anticipating and preparing for what is to come and are astonished about where the lesson has taken them and what they have learned from their students.

Our vision has always been to develop the whole child – spiritually, socially, academically and mentally.  The collective work of parents, staff, students, community members and our Mental Health Lead have helped to move this vision forward.  A huge thank you for helping to support and nurture students’ progress, critical thinking and creativity throughout the year!   We are truly blessed at Burkevale to have such a wonderful school community.

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